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NFL World Reacts To What Greg Olsen Said About Tom Brady

A closeup head shot of Greg Olsen on the field before a game.

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA - OCTOBER 10: Former player Greg Olsen of the Carolina Panthers reacts during the football game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Bank of America Stadium on October 10, 2021 in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images)

Tom Brady is going to keep playing until he can't anymore. But is there an actual achievement he's trying to reach at this point? Greg Olsen thinks so. 

The former NFL tight end sat down with ESPN's Adam Schefter for an interview and immediately began discussing Brady's future. 

Olsen believes Brady might play until he wins 10 Super Bowls. Right now, he's just three away. 

“I don’t think Tom’s career is over until he gets 10 Super Bowls," he said. "Anything less would be selling himself short.”

Does Brady have what it takes to win three more Super Bowls?

NFL fans are discussing Olsen's comment on Twitter right now. 

"If he gets one this year, I could see him pushing for 10. If not, I think he calls it a career," a fan said. 

"Winning another three Super Bowls? And he's almost 45? Are you f—g kidding me?," one fan wrote. 

"So Brady’s got three more years left," a fan commented.

"I’ve been saying this either 10 or his perfect season one or the other !," one fan tweeted.

If we're being honest, that sounds like a challenge from Olsen. And we all know how Brady responds to a good challenge. 

Will Brady play until he wins 10 Super Bowls?