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NFL World Speculating About Tom Brady, Prominent Coach

Sean Payton and Tom Brady shake hands.

On Monday, "retired" NFL head coach Sean Payton was a special guest on Tom Brady's Lets' Go! podcast.

Payton hinted at a return to the coaching ranks "sooner than later" and joked with Brady about not wanting to get "another team in trouble."

Of course, this appearance has sparked speculation from all over the NFL world.

Could a Brady/Payton team up be on the horizon? At ton of fans and analysts seem to think so.

Brady and Payton reportedly hoped to team up with the Miami Dolphins prior to the 2022 season. Team owner Stephen Ross and the Dolphins organization were hit with sanctions earlier this year for tampering with both Brady and Payton while they were under contract elsewhere.

“You never know what happens in the NFL,” Brady said on the podcast. “So, who knows? I thought I was retired, I wasn’t. Who knows? You never know what the future looks like.”