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Nick Saban Makes His Opinion On Steve Spurrier Very Clear

Steve Spurrier holding a Florida Gators visor on the sideline.

Legendary Alabama football head coach Nick Saban is clearly a fan of retired head coach Steve Spurrier.

Saban, arguably the greatest head coach in college football history, paid tribute to Spurrier this week.

The national title-winning head coach said that Spurrier was an "icon" for the sport.

“Steve was always sort of an icon in terms of great scheme offensively, really great play-caller, really hard to defend because he was really kind of unpredictable,” Saban said this week. “Not unpredictable in a bad way but always very well-prepared. His offensive teams were very well-coached, really hard to defend what he did. To be honest with you, we never had a whole lot of success against him if you really wanna look at the record. He was someone that I thought was someone that I always looked up to in terms of the success that he had, the program that he ran, the things that he did, the relationships that he made with players. So I have the utmost respect for him and still do.”

Spurrer is one of the most-entertaining head coaches in college football history.

The former Florida and South Carolina coach was honored with the inaugural Nick Saban Legacy Award this week.

Congrats, Steve!