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Nick Wright Getting Destroyed For His Michael Jordan Opinion

Nick Wright on First Things First.

Nick Wight on FS1's First Things First.

FS1's Nick Wright is getting pummeled on social media for his "top 50 NBA players" list. 

He's especially getting roasted for not having Michael Jordan in the No. 1 or No. 2 spot. Jordan is the third-best player of the last 50 years, at least according to Wright. 

He hasn't revealed his top two yet but based on who's not on the rest of the list, he likely has LeBron James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar over Jordan. 

Here are Wright's full rankings:

NBA fans are furious with Wright after he ranked Jordan too low. 

"(He's) just straight up begging for attention, it would've been easier than creating this list," one fan tweeted.

"MJ at 3 is insane but Luka at 20!?!?! Why is Nick Wright employed?" one fan asked.

"Kareem is criminally underrated so I think there's a case for this but I also think Nick Wright did it mostly for clicks," another fan tweeted.

If Wright's goal for this list was to get people talking, he certainly achieved it.