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College Football World Reacts To Former Michigan Player's Bold Comment

Nico Collins runs with the football for Michigan.

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN - SEPTEMBER 28: Nico Collins #4 of the Michigan Wolverines runs for a first quarter touchdown while playing the Rutgers Scarlet Knights at Michigan Stadium on September 28, 2019 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

A former Michigan Wolverines wide receiver had an eye-opening comment about his thoughts on the rivalry with Ohio State.

While the Wolverines have not beaten the Buckeyes on the field since the 2011 season - that's eight wins in a row for Ohio State - a former Michigan wide receiver does not believe it's a talent issue.

Nico Collins, who went 0-3 against Ohio State during his time at Michigan, believes the talent was roughly equal, if not tilted in the Wolverines' favor.

“It’s way closer,” Collins said of the perceived talent gap. “I’d say the talent is the same type of talent. I would say there’s not a difference between the two. Every time we play O-State, we know what kind of game it’s gonna be – it’s gonna be all four quarters. With the athletes they got and we got, I’d say we match up. They don’t have more athletes than we got. I feel like it’s pretty much equal or we pretty much have more than them. That’s all. That's it, man. Talent-wise, I’d say it’s pretty much equal. There wasn’t no advantage with them – none at all.”

Ohio State defeated Michigan 56-27 in 2019, 62-39 in 2018 and 31-20 in 2017. If there has been no talent gap between the two programs, something is very, very wrong with the Wolverines' coaching staff.

Here's how the college football world is reacting to his comment.

Players should be confident, so it's not surprising to hear Collins say something like that. Still, there has clearly been a talent gap between the two programs since Urban Meyer arrived at Ohio State in 2012. The Buckeyes have been better in the recruiting rankings, better in the NFL Draft and better on the field.