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Olympic Swimmer Makes Her Opinion On Lia Thomas Very Clear

Lia Thomas at the NCAA championships.

PHILADELPHIA, PA - JANUARY 8: Lia Thomas of the Pennsylvania Quakers after competing in a freestyle event during a tri-meet against the Yale Bulldogs and the Dartmouth Big Green at Sheerr Pool on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania on January 8, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images)

An Olympic swimmer who competed against Penn transgender swimmer Lia Thomas has made her opinion on the matter extremely clear.

Thomas, a transgender swimmer for the Penn women's team, won the 500 meter freestyle at the NCAA Championships this week.

Erica Sullivan, an Olympic silver medalist who came in third in the event, is speaking out in support of Thomas.

"All athletes — including transgender athletes — deserve to be respected and included, exactly as we are," Sullivan wrote in an op-ed for Newsweek. "Throughout my life, swimming has enabled me to learn so much both in and out of the pool, and transgender athletes should not be excluded from this opportunity."

Sullivan is a member of the LGBTQ+ community, as well.

"Lia Thomas has been unfairly targeted for just that — for being who she is, a transgender woman," Sullivan wrote. "Like anyone else in this sport, Lia has trained diligently to get to where she is and has followed all of the rules and guidelines put before her. Like anyone else in this sport, Lia doesn't win every time."

While Sullivan spoke out in support of Thomas, another NCAA swimmer from Virginia Tech spoke out against the rules.