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Here's The Only Perfect Bracket Left In ESPN's Bracket Challenge

Dan Lyons' bracket.

We're 36 games into the 2019 NCAA Tournament, and as we noted earlier, there are just a handful of perfect brackets left in the entire world. Let's take a look at the only perfect bracket in the biggest competition of them all - ESPN's Bracket Challenge.

The user, LisAnnE981, has a Michigan-themed bracket named UMvsMSU752. As you'd imagine, the user has both Michigan and Michigan State going far.

The bracket has Michigan State, Gonzaga, Villanova and Auburn all moving on tonight. That would get them to a perfect 40-0 record.

According to the NCAA, that's never happened. The longest they've ever seen is 39 straight correct picks before a miss.

The only perfect bracket left on ESPN.

Here's a screenshot of the bracket. They have Michigan winning the national title over North Carolina.

At the moment, Michigan State is taking care of business of against Minnesota. Gonzaga leads Baylor 43-38 early in the second half. The other two games haven't started yet.

We'll keep you updated on perfect bracket watch.