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The Two Bearded Fans Who Have Been Going Viral During The NCAA Tournament Appear To Be Plants

Two fans who appear to be Orange Vanilla Coke plants.

All NCAA Tournament long, CBS has been showing two bearded fans in the stands who are dressed up in orange and white costumes. For whatever reason, it took us (and most of the rest of the internet) until the Elite Eight to figure out why.

The two fans appear to be plants for Coca Cola to promote their new Orange and Vanilla Coke product. It became obvious when they were aired during the Kentucky vs. Auburn game with the drink in their hands.

It's unclear if CBS/Turner is in on it. That's most likely the case, though.

Coke has aired seemingly hundreds of commercials for its new product during March Madness. Perhaps some viral marketing was also in the game plan.

For the record, I have not tried it. It seems to be getting good reviews.

It's also unclear if these two were paid by Coke or if they're Coke employees. They've been spotted at numerous sites during the tournament, so they've had to travel a great deal.

It's a safe bet they'll be at the Final Four too.