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Packers Backup Quarterback Responds To Aaron Rodgers Drama

A closeup of Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers during a game.

SEATTLE, WA - NOVEMBER 15: Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers signals in the first quarter against the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field on November 15, 2018 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

Aaron Rodgers' backup came to the QB's defense Friday. In the midst of all of the A-Rod related drama, former Packers wideout Greg Jennings chimed in calling the back-to-back MVP "selfish for reportedly wanting a $50 million payday.

“Aaron Rodgers has been a very selfish guy,” Jennings told the "First Thing's First" crew on FOX Sports 1. “I get it, he’s at the end of his career, and so it’s like, ‘Okay, I’m going to take whatever I can take.’ But you can’t do that and want to win.”

Jennings also recalled a story of when he got his first big contract with the Packers, and Rodgers telling him "don't be that guy" that goes back to the negotiating table after a year.

Packers reserve quarterback Kurt Benkert dismissed Jennings' comments as the two-time Pro Bowler being salty and pushing a narrative.

"L take, Lots of salt. Get a new narrative to spread," Benkert tweeted in response. "12 is the most generous and thoughtful person I’ve met in the league. Not to mention the back to back best player. This sounds like it comes from a person that wanted to be that guy, but wasn’t."

Benkert's reply got a response from Jennings, who took a little jab at the backup's playing time. To which Benkert responded: "The ole 'you don’t play' jab. Tells a lot about your character, Greg. I’m fine with busting my ass behind the scenes day in and day out without publicly being rewarded for it. Can you say the same? Getting your clicks up by trashing other people isn’t a way to build your brand."

Don't expect things to quiet down in Green Bay any time soon.