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Paige Spiranac Has Honest Admission About Tiger Woods Offer

Paige Spiranac and her golf bag.

Earlier this week, LIV Golf head and former golfing star Greg Norman revealed how much the league offered Tiger Woods.

According to Norman, LIV Golf offered Woods between $700-$800 million to join the new league. On Tuesday afternoon, former professional golfer turned social media superstar Paige Spiranac reacted to the news.

"That is 'F-you' money, that is 'buy an island money' and Tiger was like, you know what, no thank you," Spiranac said. "Maybe it's because he already has so much money that he doesn't know what to do with. Maybe he wants to protect his legacy with a limited schedule since his body can't play that much. Maybe he wants to be a Ryder Cup captain. But Tiger, he said no."

She also posed a question for fans. If they were Tiger Woods, would they accept a bid to join LIV Golf? One fan wanted to know her answer to that question.

Her response was succinct. 

"I’d do OF first if I just wanted to make a lot of money lol," she joked.

Woods is one of the only professional athletes to cross $1 billion in net worth. 

An extra $700-800 million wouldn't hurt, but it certainly wouldn't help his legacy.