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Paige Spiranac Reacts To Couple Getting Kicked Off Driving Range

Paige Spiranac at The Masters.

The sport of golf has made somewhat of an effort to become more approachable to the general public in recent years, with various campaigns and marketing strategies.

However, according to some, there are still many things the sport could be doing effort. One of those things is the dress code.

A story went viral on social media about a couple getting asked to leave a driving range because of their outfits, which were deemed unacceptable.

"We were at the range for 5 mins & were asked to leave because people complained about our attire. I understand there are rules, but who were we hurting by hitting 20 balls in plain workout shirts before sunset? Golf could and should do better," Samantha Marks tweeted.

"Ya, I probably shouldn’t have worn leggings. Ya, I probably should’ve advised Connor to put on a collared shirt. But 5 mins before sunset, in a spontaneous 'let’s go hit balls!' moment, is that a big deal? Don’t we have bigger things to worry about?"

She has a point. Former college golfer turned social media personality Paige Spiranac reacted to the story on Twitter. "Lol imagine what they would’ve done if I showed up," she tweeted.

Paige also has a point.

Having a strict dress code for on-course play seems reasonable, but when it comes to the driving range, casual athletic gear feels appropriate.