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Paige Spiranac Reveals The 1 Thing She Wants To See In Golf

Paige Spiranac and her golf bag.

On Thursday night, former professional golfer and current analyst Paige Spiranac revealed what she would like to see in the game of golf.

The LIV Golf series spurred a series of changes from the PGA Tour earlier this week. The PGA Tour will now hold a series of no-cut tournaments (among other things) for the top players in the game to make more money.

However, there's one change to golf that Spiranac would like to see. She wants a mixed team event.

"LIV and PGA tour doing everything they can to 'evolve the game' and change it for the better. Give me a mixed team event and then I’ll be excited," she said.

Earlier this month, Spiranac also made headlines with a comment about the PGA Tour vs. LIV Golf series.

"I understand that there are things that probably need to improve. I'm sure that the tour should've listened a little bit more, but the same things are going to happen with LIV," she added. "... Down the road, I think a lot of players are gonna be like 'Oh, maybe it was better on the PGA Tour.'"

Should a mixed team event be put in place?