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Paige Spiranac Shares Honest Admission On Golf Blowups

Popular Instagram golfer Paige Spiranac.

Paige Spiranac/Instagram.

Former collegiate golfer turned sports media personality Paige Spiranac shared an honest admission on her previous golf course blowups.

Spiranac, who played college golf before becoming a massive personality on social media, revealed that she used to have quite a temper on the course.

The popular golf personality explained how mad she gets during her “Playing A Round” podcast earlier this week.

“I got mad a lot,” Spiranac, 28, said.

“I would have one of the rules officials following me just to make sure I didn’t have any outbursts and throw my club. They were like, ‘If you do that again, you are going to get kicked off.'”

Spiranac was speaking about her own blowups after Billy Horschel had a tough time at The Masters last weekend. Horschel found the water several times and was seen slamming his clubs after a tough hole.

“My parents didn’t like when I would get angry, and they said it was just unbecoming, so if I ever showed that kind of emotion again I probably shouldn’t be playing,” Spiranac added.

Spiranac has since settled down, though anyone who plays golf likely has a blowup on the course once in a while.