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Pat McAfee Being Targeted For New Media Gig: Fans React

Pat McAfee celebrates an Adam Vinatieri field goal for the Indianapolis Colts.

Pat McAfee could have another new opportunity on the horizon.

According to Michael McCarthy of Front Office Sports, Amazon Prime is considering the rising sports media star to host a "Manningcast" style show for Thursday Night Football.

Given McAfee's frenetic and often off-the-cuff personality, such a broadcast could certainly be entertaining viewing.

Fans are intrigued by the possibility of McAfee getting another major platform.

ESPN popularized the format by giving Peyton and Eli Manning an alternative Monday Night Football broadcast. They provide a more amiable viewing experience by talking to guests, making fun of each other, and occasionally breaking down the game.

McCarthy said there's no deal in place yet, but Amazon's potential MegaCast "would fit what McAfee’s looking for." Given his busy schedule hosting a radio show and providing commentary on WWE SmackDown, his own telecast would allow McAfee to film from home rather than travelling to games.

A "McAfee-Cast" (Patcast? McAcast?) may not be for everyone, but he'd bring energy to a party-like atmosphere.