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Paul Finebaum Has 2-Word Message For Mark Emmert

Paul Finebaum makes comments about roy Williams.


If you thought Paul Finebaum would be upset to see NCAA president Mark Emmert resign... you're probably not familiar with his work.

On his Wednesday radio show, the college football personality gave Emmert one last kick on his way out the door; going on a diatribe that could best be summed up by two words: "Good riddance."

There is an exhale right now ... that Mark Emmert is finally done. He's not done soon enough, ... but he is done and it will set up a battle for who is either the caretaker of an organization that is now obsolete or can the people that run this organization find someone who actually exhibits leadership?

[That is] something that Mark Emmert never did. So there will be a mad dash to see who will replace Emmert. But there will be very few people, and they may be uttering platitudes tonight about what a great man he was and how well he served, but I can assure you virtually nobody in intercollegiate athletics believes that.

Good riddance to Mark Emmert.

Tell us how you really feel, Paul.

Finebaum's history with Emmert is well-documented. Calling the president a "complete embarrassment" in 2020; just the latest shot in what's been a decade of critiques from the former columnist.