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Peter King Reveals His "Gut Feeling" For Tom Brady's Decision

Tom Brady walks off the field in the AFC Wild Card round.

FOXBOROUGH, MASSACHUSETTS - JANUARY 04: Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots walks to the sideline during the first half against the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Wild Card Playoff game at Gillette Stadium on January 04, 2020 in Foxborough, Massachusetts. (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

Tom Brady is about a month away from entering free agency for the first time in his NFL career.

The six-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback is expected to seriously consider leaving the New England Patriots. Bill Belichick's franchise is reportedly willing - and interested - in letting Brady hit the free agency market.

Multiple teams, from the Los Angeles Chargers to the Las Vegas Raiders to the Tennessee Titans, are believed to have interest in signing Brady. The 42-year-old quarterback is reportedly expected to command a salary north of $30 million annually.

Is returning to New England still the most-likely outcome, though? That's what multiple NFL insiders appear to believe. NBC Sports' Peter King updated his feelings on Brady in his Monday morning NFL column.

"Having said that, for now, I’ll go against the grain and say my gut feeling is he’ll settle on the Patriots. It seems the most reasonable solution to the Brady free-agency dilemma," King wrote today.

Brady will be 43 years old by the time the 2020 regular season starts, but he believes he can play for a couple of more seasons, at least.

Brady is a California native, so a signing in Los Angeles would make sense, as would him going to Las Vegas to jumpstart the Raiders' tenure there. The Titans are intriguing, too, as they are coached by his former teammate in Mike Vrabel.

But the Patriots probably make the most sense of all and it won't be surprising if he ends up staying put. We'll find out in about a month, when NFL free agency begins on March 18.