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Peyton Manning Surprised Former Teammate: NFL World Reacts

A closeup of Peyton Manning.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - NOVEMBER 20: Former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning watches action prior to a game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans at Lucas Oil Stadium on November 20, 2016 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Peyton Manning surprised one of his former Denver Broncos teammates on Saturday.

Brandon Stokley, who played in the NFL from 1999-2013, was supposed to have a graduation party on Saturday for his son. However, the crazy weather conditions in Colorado forced the family to cancel.

One person still showed up, though: Peyton Manning.

"Supposed to have a graduation party today but had to cancel because of the snow but one person showed up anyway to say congratulations. PFM. All class," Stokley tweeted.

Peyton Manning remains the best.

"Love it! So awesome bro so awesome!" one fan tweeted.

"Pfm is such a damn class act we were all so lucky to have him for the time we did love how he embrace broncos country," another fan tweeted.

"What I wouldn't give to have 10 mins around PFM and just appreciate that moment..." another fan added on Twitter.

It's been a pretty good offseason for Broncos fans...

Hopes are high in Broncos country heading into the 2022 season, as well.