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PGA Star Getting Crushed For How Much He Paid His Caddie

A golf ball falling into the cup.

(Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

Back in November, Matt Kuchar was the subject of criticism for his post-match gesture at Mayakoba Classic. Although he has turned himself into a fan favorite on the PGA Tour, it's hard to defend his controversial move last year.

Following his win in 2018, Kuchar decided to tip his caddie $5,000. Sure that seems like a generous amount of money, but it doesn't compare to the $1.2 million he earned from winning the actual event. Caddies can reportedly get 5 to 10 percent of a player's winnings on the PGA Tour.

It's also important to note that David Ortiz was his caddie for the event, not John Wood. Perhaps the late switch resulted in him changing his overall payment.

Nonetheless, Kuchar made another head-scratching decision by doubling down on his tip.

Even though his actions sparked quite the debate over the past few weeks, he revealed that before the Mayakoba Classic he came to an agreement with Ortiz.


Kuchar said he told Ortiz he would pay him $1,000 if he missed the cut, $2,000 if he made the cut, $3,000 if he had a top-20 and $4,000 if he had a top-10. “The extra $1,000 was, ‘Thank you — it was a great week.’ Those were the terms. He was in agreement with those terms. That’s where I struggle. I don’t know what happened. Someone must have said, ‘You need much more.’”

It's tough to blame Kuchar because at the end of the day it's still a nice payday for Ortiz, but it's obvious that tipping him more money would have been the better option.

It'll be interesting to see how the beloved golfer handles his winnings next time around.