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Photos: What A 1,000,000 Seat Stadium Would Look Like

A picture of cloudy sky at an NFL game.

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

A number of stadiums across the world can seat 100,000 people. But what would a 1,000,000 capacity stadium look like?

On Tuesday, an artist's concept rendering of a million-seater stadium started to go viral after being picked up by numerous sports outlets. The artwork, which was created by Paul Pfeiffer, depicts an unbelievable futuristic sculpture inspired by the Olympic Stadium in Sydney.

Here's what fans had to say about the grand-scale stadium on social media.

"You're better off watching the game on TV," one user said.

"Just looking at this thing is giving me anxiety," another replied.

"Imagine scoring an away goal here," tweeted Musa Okwonga. "It would feel like you had silenced a galaxy."

"Like what is the actual point," laughed another fan.

"Looking to swap 1 upper tier ticket for a lower tier one. DM me."

"Lemme see the parking lot," another ordered.

"Buddy watched Harry Potter and was like 'yes I can do that,'" said Aaron West.

"This would be terrible," remarked Bill DiFilippo.

As of right now, the world's biggest stadium is Narendra Modi Stadium in India which seats 132,000.

This is almost 10-times that.