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Pregame Video Of Odell Beckham Jr., Tom Brady Going Viral

Odell Beckham Jr. was in the house for Tampa Bay's NFC South matchup with his hometown Saints. 

And before the game, OBJ took some time to catch up Tom Brady.

Who knows if TB12 gave him the recruiting pitch or not, but the two stars exchanged a hug and some nice conversation before kickoff.

The pregame clip got some viral reaction from football fans.

"OBJ is literally on a professional recruiting trip every week until he’s healthy," one user tweeted. "What a life lmfao."

"Bucs should sign him 100% just so the Rams can’t," another said.

"I love the fact that OBJ is showing up wherever he wants to, I know he played at LSU, so it makes sense, it's still funny though."

"These two in their primes would have been a perfect match," another commented.

The Saints and Bucs get started at 1 PM ET.