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President Trump Takes Shot LeBron James On Social Media

A split screen of LeBron James and Donald Trump.

Late Friday night, President Donald Trump took a shot at new Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James in a tweet. Trump insulted James' intelligence in the tweet.

James filmed an interview with CNN's Don Lemon earlier this week in which the NBA star said the felt Trump was "using sports to kinda divide us." Trump has been vocal in his critique of NFL players protesting during the national anthem in the past.

"Sports has never been something that divides people," James told Lemon. "It's always been something that brings someone together."

Here's the tweet from Donald Trump.

Trump's comments come just days after LeBron James' Family Foundation and the Akron (Ohio) Public Schools launched a new elementary school for at-risk children in his hometown.

James has criticized President Trump in the past. After Trump rescinded his invitation to the Golden State Warriors, James called him a "bum.

He went on to say, "Going to the White House was a great honor until you showed up!" LeBron James has yet to respond to Trump's comments.