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Qatar Made More Awful World Cup History Today

Qatar national team World Cup

team Qatar during the World Cup match between Qatar v Senegal , in Doha, Qatar, on November 25, 2022. (Photo by Foto Olimpik/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

As World Cup hosts, the Qatar national automatically qualified - thus giving them a full decade to prepare for their games. That wasn't enough to keep them from having an historically bad run though.

Following today's 1-1 draw between Netherlands and Ecuador, Qatar were mathematically eliminated from advancing to the World Cup knockout round. With just two games played in six days, it is the fastest that a host nation has ever been eliminated from the World Cup, per the Associated Press.

The Maroon started their World Cup campaign with a crushing 2-0 loss to Ecuador. In doing so, they became the first-ever World Cup host to lose their opener.

Unfortunately, things didn't improve for them as Senegal beat them 3-1 earlier today - pushing them to the brink of elimination. Qatar's only chance of advancing would have been on Ecuador beating Netherlands outright, then beating Netherlands next week and hope that Ecuador beat Senegal. 

That didn't happen, and now the Maroon are the first team to be eliminated in the World Cup. 

Qatar entered the 2022 FIFA World Cup as the 50th-ranked team in the world - the third-lowest ranking of any team to qualify. Getting out of any group and into the knockout round was going to be a tall order from the get-go.

But there have been enough big upsets in this tournament to show that ranking alone doesn't determine if a team can win.

Perhaps the biggest issue for Qatar was that they didn't have to play any qualifying games in order to get there. 

Now they'll have years - maybe decades - to figure out what went wrong.