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Quinn Ewers Explains Why He Transferred From Ohio State

Quinn Ewers sets to throw during Ohio State football training camp.

COLUMBUS, OH - AUGUST 18: Ohio State Buckeyes #3 Quinn Ewers during fall camp at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center in Columbus, Ohio on August 18, 2021. (Photo by Jason Mowry/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

In a letter published to the Players' Tribune entitled "Dear Longhorns," Ohio State quarterback transfer Quinn Ewers opened up a bit about his decision to leave Columbus for Austin.

A Texas native, the former five-star QB was the nation's top recruit in 2021. And after committing to Ohio State, Ewers acknowledged his decision was a hard one.

It’s hard to make life-changing decisions when you’re only 17 or 18 years old. But this time I really just tried to block out all the noise, and focus on what I wanted for myself. It took a lot of prayer, but I’m confident in the choice I made.

Ewers continued. Writing that his answer might not be the "messy" one that'll draw attention and clicks. But, he had nothing bad to say about his time as a Buckeye.

"If you’re looking for a messier answer, you won’t find that here. I enjoyed my time at Ohio State, and I look back on it as a lesson that’s pushed me to where I’m meant to be. I’m grateful for the experience.

Ewers trip to Texas back in January garnered a lot of attention. And since arriving on Steve Sarkisian's squad, he's made some noise with his play. Although, he has yet to secure the Longhorns' starting job just yet.

Quinn Ewers started his letter by referencing his mother telling him that as a two-year-old, they watched Vince Young take down the mighty USC Trojans together.

Further cementing that his decision to play at Texas was the right one.