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Radio Host Punished For What He Said About College Baseball Player

The field at the College World Series in Omaha.

An Arkansas radio host on ESPN Arkansas is currently in some deep trouble.

Derek Ruscin made some pretty terrible comments about Razorbacks catcher Michael Turner over the weekend. His comments came after Turner openly talked about the team's struggles over the last couple of weeks. 

“I’ll say it, and I wouldn’t say this about a young player. Michael Turner, he’s a fifth-year guy from Kent State, he’s a stupid ass, the catcher for the Arkansas Razorbacks," Ruscin said (first transcribed by Saturday Down South). 

Ruscin didn't stop there. He called Turner "a disgrace" and that he shouldn't ever put the Arkansas uniform on again.

 "You’re a disgrace, Michael Turner. You’re a disgrace. You should not get to wear that uniform again. You know why they’re losing because you’re a loser, and you’re the catcher. You’re in charge of this whole thing on the infield. You’re a loser and a disgrace and you can’t get out of this program soon enough." 

It didn't take long for a statement to come out from the network about these comments, Ruscin won't be with the station for at least a little bit moving forward. 

Think before you speak, people.