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Rainn Wilson Wants Baker Mayfield: NFL World Reacts

Baker Mayfield celebrates Browns win.

There aren't a whole lot of NFL fans who overwhelmingly support the idea of their team making any sort of move for Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. But one well-known actor is all for his favorite team getting him.

Taking to Twitter, actor Rainn Wilson advocated for his Seattle Seahawks making a trade for Mayfield. He argued that with the right coaching and good receivers, he can be great.

"The @Seahawks should 100% nab [Baker Mayfield]. He’s already been proven EXCELLENT and with some coaching (and some amazing receivers) can reach GREATNESS! Pull the trigger, hawks!" Wilson tweeted.

Wilson is most known for his Emmy nominated role as Dwight Schrute in The Office. Many are invoking his role as Schrute in their responses. Some agree with his assessment while others are taking the opportunity to troll:

The Cleveland Browns made it clear through their acquisition of Deshaun Watson that Baker Mayfield is not in their plans for the future. But in the process, they effectively gave up all of their leverage in any trade negotiations.

The end result is a sort of purgatory where the Browns don't want Mayfield, Mayfield doesn't want to play for the Browns, the Browns can't cut Mayfield and no other NFL team wants him.

But there are fans out there who are willing to have their team give something up for the former No. 1 overall pick.

Will Rainn Wilson get his wish and see his Seahawks bring Baker Mayfield into the fold?