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Report: Family Of Player Injured In Fall Suing Little League Baseball

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During last month's Little League World Series in Williamsport, a player suffered a serious head injury in a scary off-field accident.

Easton Oliverson, a 12-year-old boy from Utah, suffered a skull fracture and bleeding on the brain after falling off a bunk bed at a players dormitory on August 15.

Oliverson has since returned from the hospital after undergoing three procedures and battling a staph infection. His family is suing Little League Baseball and the company that made the bunk bed.

The family's lawyer, Ken Fulginiti, released a statement on Tuesday.

"He's not doing well. The more recent development, after a third craniotomy, is seizures. It's been a long road," Fulginiti said, per the Associated Press.

The bed had no railing on the top bunk. The 12-year-old baseball player fell in his sleep, per Fulginiti. A negligence lawsuit against both the league and furniture company was filed by Easton's parents, Jace and Nancy Oliverson, in Philadelphia on Friday.

The lawsuit seeks more than $50,000 for Easton's medical care, plus punitive damages.

"They really appreciate all the support they've gotten throughout the nation," Fulginiti said. "But they're struggling to focus on the family. They have two other kids, and it's a lot."