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Report Reveals Why The USC, UCLA News Broke Today

USC's mascot riding on a white horse in the end zone.

LOS ANGELES - SEPTEMBER 16: Traveler, mascot of the USC Trojans runs on the field before the game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers on September 16, 2006 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

A lot is happening in the college football world right now in the wake of the news that USC and UCLA are leaving the Pac-12 Conference and joining the Big Ten. But some want to know why this news broke today of all days.

According to Matt Norlander of CBS Sports, June 30 was actually the deadline for the two schools to make such an announcement. Per the report, this was the last day for USC and UCLA to inform the Pac-12 of their intentions to leave the conference without incurring further financial penalties.

Oklahoma and Texas had to pay a pretty heavy price for their impending move to the SEC. They are expected to owe a combined $76 million to the Big 12 to complete their move in 2025.

UCLA and USC can probably afford such a fee. But if they had already planned on making this move, there was probably no point in dragging things out.

That being said, USC and UCLA will probably make a mint moving to the Big Ten. 

Their fan bases are big enough to increase the value of a media rights deal anywhere they go. But in a conference like the Big Ten, which is already poised for a top-2 deal, the sum can only go up. 

When money talks, college teams walk. 

Will any other teams leave the Pac-12 and join the Big Ten?