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Report: Why EA Sports Is Ending Its Relationship With FIFA

World Cup stadium.

On Tuesday, EA Sports revealed that it's ending its longtime partnership with soccer's global governing body, FIFA.

Starting in July 2023, the popular game franchise will go by the new name, "EA Sports FC."

Electronic Arts and FIFA enjoyed a wildly successful partnership for nearly three decades. So what brought this dynasty to an end?

According to reports from Tariq Panja of The New York Times, the partnership ended with a failure to agree to terms on an extension after months of "tense negotiations." The most recent extension was signed in 2012.

FIFA was reportedly seeking at least double the $150 million it receives annually from EA Sports, per Panja. Clearly this price bump was too much for the video game developer to swallow.

FIFA also reportedly demanded the rights to attach its brand to other digital products, including other video games.

After releasing FIFA 22 later this year, FIFA and EA will go their separate ways. Both will continue to develop their own soccer games -- EA with EA Sports FC in 2023 and FIFA with their rival game in 2024.

EA Sports' FIFA franchise brought in more than $20 billion in sales over the past two decades.