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Reports Of A Shooting At Madden NFL Tournament In Jacksonville

There looks to be some shocking and tragic breaking news out of Jacksonville, Fla. Reports are indicating there was a shooting at a Madden NFL Tournament in the city this afternoon.

Details are sketchy as of now, but a short time ago, Twitter blew up with tweets about a shooting at the event, which is one of four Madden Classic qualifiers.

A short, but horrifying video which appears to capture the sounds of multiple shots being fired has been posted to Twitter.

Warning: the audio is not an easy listen.

A 19-year-old gamer with the Twitter username @YoungDrini who works for Complexity, an eSports company, confirmed the tournament was shot up and says a bullet grazed his hand.

According to Complexity, Young Drini is okay and has left the scene.

Other gaming companies have taken to Twitter to provide updates on their gamers who were participating in the event.

As of now, the totality of the damage done at the Madden shooting has not been officially confirmed. We're seeing different eyewitness accounts pop up.

Brittney Donovan, a reporter for CBS47 in Jacksonville has apparently arrived on the scene and indicated a person has been loaded away on a stretcher.

Another reporter, WJXT's Vic Micolucci, is reporting multiple fatalities in the incident. We would caution though that with the situation still unfolding, it is unconfirmed how many people have been shot and what their injuries are.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is warning people to stay away from the Jacksonville Landing, where the mass shooting occurred.

This is an unspeakably sad situation. A video game tournament should be just about the last place you expect a shooting to occur, and this happened on the same weekend that a shooting at a high school football game in Jacksonville killed one victim and left two others injured.

We will bring you more on the Madden shooting as additional details come out.