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Robert Griffin III Makes His Thoughts On Revenue Sharing With Players Clear

Now that college athletes are able to earn money off their name, image and likeness, the public discussion has shifted to a new student-athlete payment issue.

Some people believe athletes should receive a share of the massive TV deals that conferences and universities sign to broadcast their games each year. 

Former college football star and current ESPN analyst Robert Griffin III is one of these people.

"TV Networks pay billions of dollars to Conferences/Colleges to air their games. It’s time for student-athletes to get a significant share of that money. They increase the value of these College Brands year after year and College Sports isn’t amateur when coaches are making $100m," RG3 wrote on Twitter.

College athletes have more money-making opportunities than ever right now. That being said, there's no question they earn disproportionately less than the coaches and other lead figures raking in millions off TV money every year.

There's clearly some logistical issues with this idea. Would star players earn a larger share? Would this even further the talent gap between top programs and mid-majors?

There's also the camp of people who believe NIL deals are already too much for the college sports world to handle.

What's your take on this contested issue?