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Robert Griffin III Reveals How Much Lamar Jackson Should Be Paid

Lamar Jackson #8 and Robert Griffin III #3 of the Baltimore Ravens talking

CLEVELAND, OHIO - DECEMBER 22: Lamar Jackson #8 and Robert Griffin III #3 of the Baltimore Ravens talk prior to the game against the Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium on December 22, 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

On Thursday, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray signed a five-year deal worth $230.5 million and $160 million guaranteed — setting the standard for quarterback contracts around the league.

This contract extension is great news for any star quarterback eligible for a new deal of their own.

During Friday's episode of Get Up on ESPN, analyst Robert Griffin III said his former teammate Lamar Jackson should use Murray's deal as leverage in contract negotiations with the Baltimore Ravens.

"Simply put, Kyler's deal means that Lamar Jackson should be six years, $300 million fully guaranteed of he doesn't sign the deal. That's what it should be," RG3 said. "... "Lamar Jackson should not sign a contract, unless it's fully guaranteed and it has a three in front of it!"

Despite the Ravens organization making it clear that they hope to sign Jackson on a longterm extension deal, the 25-year-old QB is currently set to operate under a $23 million fifth-year option this coming season. Jackson is currently the only eligible star quarterback in the league without a longterm deal worth a significant amount of cash.

Jackson showed up to Baltimore training camp earlier this week despite ongoing contract negotiations.

What kind of contract do you think Jackson deserves?