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Ryan Clark Makes His Prediction For Tom Brady's Future

ESPN's Ryan Clark trolls FS1's Chris Broussard during NFL Live.


These days almost everyone's talking about Tom Brady and when he'll come out of retirement. ESPN's Ryan Clark changed the tune on Tuesday, though, making a definitive prediction about Brady's NFL future.

Clark thinks Brady is done playing football "forever."

"It doesn't feel temporary to me," Clark said on Monday. "I think what makes it hard is that Brady played so well this season. I think that after Aaron Rodgers he was the second best quarterback in the entire league and could have been the MVP.

"... It makes it hard to believe that he could retire after a year like that. I believe the Tampa Bay Buccaneers retired Tom Brady. I don't think he would have retired if he was in a situation where he felt like the locker room was in a good space.

"... He has a family that is getting older. He has a wife that he needs to spend time with. At some point you have to be unselfish. At 45 I believe Tom has reached that point in his life where he's done forever."

He's probably right. After all, everything he said is exactly why Tom Brady retired. Most of all, he wanted to spend more time with his family.

However, it's entirely plausible Brady was also done playing for the Buccaneers and saw retirement as an escape. Maybe he wants a year off before returning and playing for another team next season. Who knows?