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Ryan Fitzpatrick Claims Tom Brady Snubbed Him From Postgame Handshake

Washington Football Team quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

LANDOVER, MARYLAND - SEPTEMBER 12: Ryan Fitzpatrick #14 of the Washington Football Team looks to pass during the game against the Los Angeles Chargers at FedExField on September 12, 2021 in Landover, Maryland. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Ryan Fitzpatrick has a not-so-fond memory of Tom Brady after beating him on the field. 

Fitzpatrick was on the Jets at the time and remembers Brady not shaking his hand after getting the win. 

“Beating Tom Brady, after the first time, because after the first time he didn’t shake my hand,” Fitzpatrick said. "I was on the Jets {for the second win, four years later] and I had to chase him down on the 50-yard line.”

Fitzpatrick has beaten Brady three times in his career while starting for nine different teams. 

He's also been told that Brady hates losing more than most players.

"Apparently, he hates losing more than everybody else hates losing," Fitzpatrick said. "When he does lose, I want a handshake."

It remains to be seen if Fitzpatrick will be able to beat him for a fourth time at some point down the line.