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Sage Steele Reportedly "Covered In Blood" After Getting Hit By Jon Rahm Tee Shot

ESPN anchor Sage Steele

ESPN broadcast anchor Sage Steele was reportedly "covered in blood" after she was struck by John Rahm's tee shot during the second round of the PGA Championship.

An eyewitness reportedly told The Quadrilateral that they "saw her on the ground, holding her nose, mouth or chin area” and her hands were "covered in blood.” Medical personnel was reportedly summoned to tend to Steele.

The Quadrilateral says the PGA of America was unaware of the incident and ESPN also declined to comment.

It seemed everyone else involved in the situation was also unaware. Rahm immediately signaled and yelled "fore left" after his errant tee shot, but showed no signs of having any knowledge that he hit anyone.

Steele must've been hit pretty hard considering the ball ended up back in the middle of the fairway after originally going far left.

The ESPN broadcast of Rahm's featured group called the result a "momentous break" and made no reference to the ball hitting anyone. 

Stay tuned for any potential updates on this incident.