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Several Canadian Football League Teams Have Gone On Strike

Edmonton Elks v Toronto Argonauts - Canadian Football League (CFL) ball

TORONTO, ON - NOVEMBER 16: A Canadian Football League football used during a game between the Edmonton Elks and Toronto Argonauts at BMO Field on November 16, 2021 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by John E. Sokolowski/Getty Images)

It's been a hot minute since any professional sports league of note has gone into a full-on labor strike. But for the Canadian Football League, the time is now. 

According to the Ottawa Citizen, talks have collapsed between the CFL and CFL Players Association (CFLPA). As a result, players for seven of nine teams have instructed teammates not to report to training camp and go on strike instead.

It would have been all nine, but provincial labor laws in Alberta province are keeping Calgary and Edmonton from joining in. But they are expected to when those laws allow. 

However, while talks broke down, it's possible that the strike won't be too badly protracted. Tim Baines of the Ottawa Citizen noted that the two sides aren't that far away on their points of contention. 

But unless those differences can be settled in under a month, the June 9 season-opener will be in peril.

Canada's TSN reported that the two sides met for a total of 16 hours this past Friday and trickling over into Saturday. But the CFLPA rejected the CFL's proposal in the end. 

The CFLPA will reportedly conduct a town hall meeting this Sunday to instruct players on how to proceed during the strike.

The NFL has seen several lockouts but no strikes since 1987. 

Will the CFLPA strike result in a late start to the season?