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Shaq Comments On Kobe's Death For The First Time

Kobe and Shaq celebrate their Los Angeles Lakers championship.

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES: Kobe Bryant (L) of the Los Angeles Lakers holds the Larry O'Brian trophy as teammate Shaquille O'Neal (L) hold the MVP trophy after winning the NBA Championship against Indiana Pacers 19 June, 2000, after game six of the NBA Finals at Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. The Lakers won the game 116-111 to take the NBA title 4-2 in the best-of-seven series. (Getty Images)

Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal formed one of the most-dominant duos in NBA history. The former Los Angeles Lakers stars won three NBA championships together and probably should've won at least one or two more.

O'Neal reacted in shock to Bryant's tragic death on Sunday. He shared a heartfelt Instagram post shortly following the devastating news. O'Neal then went into detail on his relationship with Bryant on his podcast on Monday.

It was a tough - but worthwhile - listen.

"I'm not doing well. I'm sick. I'm just getting over the death of my sister... I haven't been sleeping since [her] death, because it's just, you know, not thinking about just the good times but thinking about the times where I could've [done something], or I could've said something, or I could've loved them more, or I could've shown them more support," Shaq said on The BIG Podcast With Shaq. "And the same thing hit when I found out this news. I was downstairs working out with Shaqir when my other son showed me the TMZ clip."

O'Neal revealed that he found out on Sunday while working out with his son. He didn't believe it was true at first.

"I didn't want to believe it," he added. "Then everybody's calling me, 'Is that true? Is it true?' So I'm like, it must not be a hoax because the whole world knows this information. So now I'm saying, please don't be true. Please don't be true, please don't be true. And I'm watching and then you get the confirmation. sad enough and then you know his daughter was with him. I didn't do anything. I haven't eaten. I haven't slept. I'm looking at all the tapes. I'm sick right now."

Shaq and Kobe played together on the Lakers from 1996-2004. They famously feuded toward the end of their time together, but later reconciled and had become good friends again.

You can listen to Shaq's full podcast here.