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Shawne Merriman Opinion Goes Viral: NFL World Reacts

Shawne Merriman wasn't afraid to share his true thoughts on New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones following Monday night's game.

The former Chargers linebacker roasted Jones after he was praised by former NFL veteran Charles James II.

"The only thing they do the same is throw to Diggs," Merriman tweeted.

This is in reference to Allen throwing to Stefon Diggs, while Jones threw an interception to his brother Trevon on Monday night.

The NFL community knows that this was a savage roast from Merriman.

Diggs could've had a couple more interceptions but ended up dropping them. 

Jones is going to have to be a lot better if he wants to remain a Giant following this season. His contract will be up since they didn't pick up his fifth-year option.