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Skip Bayless Has A Blunt Message For Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones

Skip Bayless discussing ESPN's all-time list.


Another week, another embarrassing performance by the Dallas Cowboys' defense.

The Cowboys' defense has been historically bad through the first month and a half this season. However, the Cowboys are facing a bad Washington Football Team offense today, so many expected things to get better.

They haven't.

Washington leads Dallas, 9-3, early in the second quarter. The Kyle Allen-led offense has had little difficulty moving the ball on the Cowboys' defense.

Cowboys writer David Helman summed it up best.

"This is without a doubt the worst offense the Cowboys have faced. It might be the worst offense in the league. They have 133 yards after two possessions. Even on the drive that didn't score, they got to the one-inch line. Words don't really do it justice," he wrote.


Noted Cowboys fan Skip Bayless has seen enough, too. He wants Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to finally make the call and fire defensive coordinator Mike Nolan.

"HOW IS MIKE NOLAN STILL THE COORDINATOR OF THE COWBOYS DEFENSE??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????"

He added: "Jerry Jones fiddles while Rome burns."

Jones has been patient so far this season, but a loss to the 1-5 Washington Football Team could change that.

It could be an interesting Monday in Dallas.