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Skip Bayless: Jim Harbaugh Is College Football's Best Coach

Skip Bayless speaking on ESPN.

Earlier this week, a list of nearly 30 anonymous college coaches were polled on a series of topics. They were asked to name the overrated and underrated coaches in the game today.

Those questions, however, didn't bring about the most-controversial take. No, that belonged to one coach ripping Nick Saban and saying that anyone can win with the best players.

That itself is a hot take. But then Skip Bayless decided to add some fuel to the fire.

Bayless named the best head coach in the game today - Jim Harbaugh. No, really.

Bayless brought up Nick Saban's checkered past in the NFL as a determining factor, then countered with Harbaugh's success at the NFL level.

Regardless of their NFL careers, it's impossible to make the point the Saban is only winning because he has the best players. He recruited those players, which, last time we checked, was part of a college coach's job.

Skip Bayless has made a career out of these comments, so we shouldn't be surprised.