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Skip Bayless Had Another Terrible Injury-Related Warriors Tweet Thursday Night

A screenshot of Skip Bayless from his show Undisputed.

FOX Sports personality Skip Bayless, simply put, needs to log off Twitter when he's watching games. He's made a fool of himself the past two NBA Finals contests.

On Monday, at the start of Game 5, Bayless tweeted about how good Kevin Durant looked on the floor - noting that it's fair to wonder why he wasn't allowed to play in Game 4. Durant tore his Achilles tendon a few minutes later.

Thursday night, Bayless struck again. After Klay Thompson appeared to blow out his knee on a dunk attempt in the third quarter of Game 6, Bayless called it an "overreaction" that the Warriors were taking him out of the game.

He doubled down minutes later, saying that Thompson "obviously" should be allowed to play.

An hour later, the Warriors announced that Thompson has a torn ACL.

To be fair, Thompson was up and moving around after the injury. But Bayless is not a doctor, and probably shouldn't be making assumptions about the health of a player who is still on adrenaline.

As for the Warriors, they're going to have an interesting 2019-2020 season. Thompson will likely be out 6-9 months, and if they are able to sign Durant, he'll miss the whole season. Steph Curry is going to have a lot on his shoulders.

As for Bayless, unfortunately, this will help him grow his following.