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Skip Bayless Says 1 NBA Star Has Become "Completely Delusional"

Skip Bayless standing up in a movie theatre.


If there's one person in sports media most qualified to know what "completely delusional" looks like, it's Fox Sports' Skip Bayless. And on Friday, Bayless named the one NBA player who he believes fits the bill.

On Friday's edition of Undisputed, Bayless asserted that Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving has become "completely delusional about his worth to his franchise." But Bayless also believes that Kyrie knows that it would wreck any franchise he plays for to opt out - and can leverage that to get his way.

"I think it has come to the point where Kyrie has become completely delusional about his worth to his franchise... But he also know his franchise might be completely wrecked if he opts out..." Bayless said.

Bayless might not be wrong here. He certainly won't find many disagreeing with him about Kyrie's mental state. But the point about Kyrie's ability to leverage his position to his benefit might also ring true.

Kyrie Irving is reportedly on the outs with the Brooklyn Nets and is eyeing a sign-and-trade if he can't reach an extension with the team. That could compel his teammate and best friend Kevin Durant to leave as well.

It doesn't take a genius to realize what kind of leverage that gives someone. Anyone close to Kyrie can point that out to him.

Is Kyrie Irving as out of his mind as Skip Bayless says he is, or is Kyrie just crazy like a fox?