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Skip Bayless Wife Photo Goes Viral: Sports Fans React

Fox Sports 1 personality Skip Bayless.

(Photo by Christopher Capozziello/For The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Skip Bayless always seems to get a lot of interaction on Twitter, including when he talks about his wife, Ernestine.

The longtime sports personality talks lovingly about his wife, who somehow manages to keep up with the hot take artist.

Sunday night, Bayless shared a cool photo of his wife with two of his friends.

"Here’s Ernestine sharing a laugh with Wayne and Scoob. Coolest thing about her is she has no problem being “one of the guys” … at least for couple of hours. She can talk sports with the best of ‘em - though she’d rather talk music or movies," he tweeted.

Sports fans like when Skip gets heartfelt.

"Skip finally being wholesome," one fan tweeted.

"Like it! More of these fun, non-LBJ tweets please… probably asking for too much with the Lakers playing right now…" another fan added.

Skip and Ernestine were married in 2016. They reportedly met on the set of his ESPN2 show, Cold Pizza.

“We decided to get married alone. We didn’t tell a soul. The judge had the bailiff serve as the best man, and the rest of his chamber were witnesses. It was a really fun and special day, just for us. Our friends and family were so supportive and happy for us when we told them what we did," they told The Knot.

“They said, ‘That’s so Skip and Ernestine…always full of surprises and dancing to their own beat.’”

The happy couple lives together in Los Angeles.