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Soccer World Reacts To 'Shocking' Fan Incident Sunday

A general view of a soccer net.

(Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images)

Manchester City won the Premier League title today after beating Aston Villa 3-2 on Championship Sunday. But there was an incident after the game that has shocked the wider soccer world.

After the final whistle blew, Man City fans at Etihad Stadium swarmed onto the pitch to celebrate their team's accomplishment. Some of those fans decided to have some fun at the expense of Aston Villa goalkeeper Robin Olsen, and started slapping and smacking him.

Olsen had to be helped off by a match official with an assembly of security around him. Man City has publicly apologized for the harassment Olsen suffered in the process. They have pledged to hand down lifetime bans to anyone who touched him.

As you might expect, the reaction to this bothersome clip falls largely along supporter lines. 

Man City fans believe Olsen was wasn't abused in any noteworthy way. But fans of other teams were disgusted by the display and believe City fans are "classless" for how they treated Olsen while celebrating their title win:

Pitch invasions have become an issue in the Premier League this season. Just a few days ago the Football Association (FA) had to warn fans that serious injury can occur when anyone enters the pitch without permission.

There were over a half dozen incidents of fans going onto the pitch during English soccer games last month alone.

If clubs don't crack down harder on pitch invaders, the FA might start to crack down harder - and that won't be good for anyone.