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Sports Media World Reacts To Tony Kornheiser's Admission

Tony Kornheiser blasted today's Washington Post cover.


Longtime ESPN personality Tony Kornheiser kept things very honest when talking about the College Football Playoff earlier this week.

The College Football Playoff has been at four teams since its inception, though it's expected to expand to 12 teams within a couple of years. While most people seem to be on board with the expansion, not everyone is excited about it.

However, Kornheiser knows that there's simply too much money involved to stop it from happening - thanks, in part, to his own network.

“Let me tell you who won’t stop them. This network,” Kornheiser said, via

Michael Wilbon with the look of someone who 100% agrees but also knows how hard it is to get a raise at ESPN these days

— Awful Announcing (@awfulannouncing) June 10, 2021

">Awful Announcing. “College football is a goldmine. And ESPN will line up to hand people money. … This is a goldmine and they’re going to do it.”

There's obviously a lot of truth to that statement.

The sports media world is appreciating Kornheiser's brutal honesty on the subject. However, it's still pretty rare to see one of ESPN's own employees with a comment like that.

Many are now joking that Kornheiser will be replaced.

Even ESPN would probably admit that there's too much money involved to be against the idea of College Football Playoff expansion, though.

This is likely a billion-dollar type move for the college football world and those who cover it.