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Sports World Reacts To NCAA Women's Soccer Controversy

UNC's women's soccer team fell to UCLA in improbable fashion in Monday's NCAA title game and it wasn't without controversy. 

The Bruins found a way to win the second Women's College Cup in school history thanks in part to a second-half corner kick netted by junior forward Reilyn Turner with 16 seconds left. But some believe North Carolina's goalkeeper was fouled.

"I know more about the other football, but I don’t think you can tackle the keeper into the goal on a corner," tweeted ESPN's Brooke Pryor.

The sports world reacted to the questionable no-call on social media.

"I know next to nothing about soccer. However, I know this is illegal," a fan said. "I don’t want to ever hear anything about referees favoring UNC ever again - in anything. It’s blatantly false. In reality, we get utterly screwed regularly."

"I’m not a soccer expert. Not even close. But I didn’t think this was rugby either," another said in the moment. "Will be a shame if the UNC women lose because of this."

"How you know this is a bunch of @#$% - UNC women's soccer ain't giving up 2 goals in a match," another replied.

"Sneeze on a keeper in the Premier League and you get a yellow card. Rugby tackle them to the ground for a [Women's College Cup]? Go right ahead!"

"No wonder the ref couldn't see it, SHE WASN'T IN THE FREAKING FRAME."

"Goalkeeper wasn’t fouled at all," another user said. "UCLA player had legal positioning in front of her. Then the gk jumped back knocking her own teammate over."

Where do you fall on the no-call?