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Sports World Reacts To The Brittney Griner Trade Video

Brittney Griner crossing paths with Viktor Bout.

Russian state media has released video footage of today's prisoner swap involving WNBA star Brittney Griner and convicted arms dealer Viktor Bout.

The video shows both Griner and Bout being escorted across a tarmac and released to their respective parties.

Take a look at the clip here:

The sports world took to Twitter to react to this video.

"This is some spy movie stuff," one fan wrote.

"Her biopic and documentary bout to SLAP," another said.

"Never thought it actually happens exactly as it does in movies," another added.

Griner had been held in Russian prison since February after she was stopped at a Moscow airport with less than one gram of cannabis oil in her luggage. She was sentenced to nine years and moved to a penal colony before today's release.

The trade deal ended up being a one-for-one swapping Griner and Bout. The Biden Administration reportedly pushed for American prisoner Paul Whelan to be included in the deal, but the Russians refused.