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Sports World Reacts To Troubling Adult Autograph Video

Before the 2022 MLB All-Star game on Tuesday night, a clip of an adult fan trying to get an autograph from Astros pitcher Justin Verlander went viral on social media.

The fan, fully decked out in San Diego Padres gear, leaned over a group of kids and aggressively called for his ball to be signed.

He even hit the kid in front of him with a purposeful elbow nudge and exchanged some words with the young fan.

Take a look at the clip here:

The sports world took to Twitter to blast this man for his embarrassing actions.

"Launch this guy into space," one fan wrote.

"This is the lowest, lamest type of person on the planet lol," another said.

"If you’re a grown man pushing children out of the way to get an autograph then you deserve to have your souvenir signed and given to someone else," another added.

"At first I had the regular 'what a scumbag reaction.' I’m beginning to wonder if this was a setup or some skit?" another speculated.

Perhaps this fan will learn to change his ways after seeing the intense backlash to this clip.