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Sports World Reacts To Women's College Soccer Fight News

Women's college soccer fight on Sunday.


How often do you see a fight break out at a women's college soccer game?

We had one on Sunday.

As noted by The Comeback, players from Ole Miss and LSU got into an on-field fight on Sunday afternoon, leading to three players getting ejected.

"Toward the end of the second overtime period, Ole Miss’ Ramsey Davis seemed to take exception with a steal attempt from LSU’s Rammie Noel. As Noel tried to take the ball from her, Davis grabbed her by the waist promoting Noel to retaliate with a punch. Davis quickly punched back, starting an all-out brawl," The Comeback writes.

Fans have taken to social media to weigh in on the wild fight.

"Feisty weekend in college sports," one fan wrote.

"OM probably thought Messi was the GOAT but LSU said Ronaldo was the GOAT lol," one fan joked.

"Go to Hell Ole Miss," another fan wrote on social media.

"Good Lord, what the hell is going on here?" another fan wrote.

All three players who were ejected will miss their team's next game.