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Stephen A. Smith Makes Another Rough Mistake On ESPN

stephen a. smith talks on first take


Stephen A. Smith has come under fire on social media over the past couple of months as he's made multiple embarrassing mistakes when discussing football.

The ESPN personality, who's probably overused by the Worldwide Leader, simply can't be an expert on the amount of things that he's asked to talk about and, every once in a while, this shows up in embarrassing fashion.

This morning, it happened again.

Smith made an embarrassing mistake when talking about Le'Veon Bell and the Carolina Panthers.

"Stephen A. Smith just completely forgot that Christian McCaffrey was on the Panthers and says they should sign Le’Veon Bell. Then tried to justify it by saying the Panthers don’t have 'receivers.'"

Bleacher Report NFL writer Matt Miller is certainly not a fan of his NFL takes. "Stephen A is the gift that keeps on giving. Listen to his NBA takes. Get him off the NFL desk."

McCaffrey, 22, had more than 1,000 rushing yards and 7 touchdowns last season. He added 867 yards and 8 touchdowns through the air.

The Panthers seem to be pretty set at the running back position.