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Steve Spurrier Honored By Nick Saban: Fans React

Steve Spurrier holding a Florida Gators visor on the sideline.

Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide paid tribute to Steve Spurrier in a special way this week. 

Spurrier was given the inaugural Nick Saban Legacy Award at the Birmingham Monday Morning Quarterback Club. He was one of the first two recipients, joined by Eddie Robinson. 

Saban has long been a fan of Spurrier's. He spoke at length about his impact on the sport during the ceremony. 

“We need personalities in this profession. We need characters. We need people who inspire people to be interested in our game and there’s no bigger personality, no bigger character that ever did that in my mind than Steve Spurrier and he does not get the credit for the impact that he had on the game,” Saban said, via Gators Online. “He revolutionized the game that you see right now.”

Take a look at what the college football world is saying about this week's Spurrier news:

"Steve Spurrier in Birmingham to receive the first Nick Saban Legacy Award," Michael Casagrande tweeted.

"Steve Spurrier in Birmingham to accept the Nick Saban Legacy Award! It’s the first year for this honor. Spurrier is one of the two recipients- the late Eddie Robinson is the other," said Lynden Blake.

"I find it weird that someone older and won way before Saban came along is accepting an award named after Saban," Brian Stultz wrote.

Well done, coach. 

Despite their back-and-forth battles over the years, Saban and Spurrier clearly have great respect for each other.